Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
Those Seagulls Sure Are Getting Big

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Walking Around Point Sebago on the 1st of November


Casey said...

Beautiful photos as usual - I think you may have found your artistic side!
Cool news about the Songo River Queen...that would be exciting!

Sebago Lake said...

Boy - I sure wish I had some talent along those lines - there is just so much beauty there. Thanks Casey!

trish k said...

I think these Nov 1 pics might be my favorite. I hate the fall/winter to settle in but what a breath of peace just looking at that sparkling clear water. Thanks for sharing!

I agree with Case... you are extremely artistic..not just in photography either

Sebago Lake said...

Thanks Trish - hope you stop by weekly for my latest attempts at conveying the scenes

Anonymous said...

Hey Grinch,

How come you fail to mention music as one of your interests?